It's been a long time since I last posted here. In the time being, I had quit my membership in the EOS organization. Although the whole thing is a long story, my basic motives for doing so was that when I work in a team, I expect the team members to adhere to what was agreed and not just do whatever it is they want in a given moment. 

I've felt that people like that were holding me back in my ability to contribute to a better world and that I would be better off being independent. I've figured a "live and let live" philosophy where things that don't work are simply left to die a natural death.

That has held true for a long time, however I've recently found a new home in a new workgroup much closer to my actual area of expertise. Ironically it's an offshoot of the Zeitgeist movement, with which I had only superficially been involved in back when I was still working with EOS, due to their even worse track record in keeping things organized and functional.

This workgroup specializes in something practical for a change -- recycling computers for the poor. I've felt for a long time that doing something practical was the key in producing functioning organizations that can sustain themselves and avoid going too far into politics and things that are all talk and generally very far from any concept of reality. This one is good, we're doing things and we got the production figures to prove it (me and a friend have been working progressively optimizing their productivity over the last few years).

Number of computers repaired and distributed.
And so I find myself once again a member of an organization of some kind, with knowledge gained and ready to be shared. I figured I'd repurpose this blog into a less official and more personal one, to share with you the things I came up with while working over there and all those awesome technical ideas I really only want to share with the world.

After all, when one is changing the world, one usually does things nobody else has ever done before. And this is something worth documenting.


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