Website changes

Although much has been planned, progress is slow. The primary changes to report have been on the website.

We have been working on integrating our efforts more closely with our fellow organizations, beginning with RBOSE, which provide an excellent wiki as well as host an IRC and Mumble server for meetings. The idea is to pool resources on quality services where provided, avoid creating new resources where insufficient time and manpower is available to maintain them and still maintain a suitable level of independence in case something fails. In utilizing these criteria, XML based software appears ideal, allowing the sharing of content between sites without making them vulnerable to single-point failure. We have thus (as you might have already noticed) integrated our member blogs with our website and our facebook page using RSS. Further such integration with our fellow communities is planned (assuming SeqAdm receives suitable approval on this), making the EOS website alive and vibrant with interesting and constantly fresh content (much like for example this RBOSE page).

We have also been working with our colleagues at SeqRel to improve the usability of our website for new visitors. Article categories have been reimplemented (previously removed when re-branding from NET to EOS, for simplicity's sake) and the three links on the front page now lead directly to them, giving you a much better idea what we're all about. Multiple other minor changes have been implemented all over the site and we intend to keep on trying to make the site friendly, pretty and usable for our visitors.