Recently we (NET) have stepped up development in multiple areas. Inspired by the activity and cooperation within the Sequence of Relations, our department, the Sequence of Administration has opted to adopt a similar model. Our office hours have been defined as 16:00 to 18:00 CET, each Sunday and during this time we are actively working on our tasks.

I have also been in contact with Raffael Kemenczy from our Sequence of Relations and Mark Ciotola, author of the Energy Input Labeling project. Together we have determined that the time is ripe for more active development of an Energy Accounting prototype (dubbed Project ENACT). Although the Sequence of Administration did not iron out all the quirks in the theoretical framework for nesting Energy Accounting system within monetary systems, I have decided to start work on the practical implementation of the ENACT support software.

The requirements for implementing ENACT currently include characterizing the energy flows, which we found can be accomplished via more widespread use of the Energy Input Labeling technology. The Energy Input Labels indicate the amount of energy added into a product at each step of the production process, allowing for progressive, but ultimately relatively accurate determination of total Energy Input required to produce a certain product. This information is then vital to determining the total production capacity of an ENACT system and determining the Energy Cost of individual products.

By making the Energy Input Labeling software accessible to the general public in the form of open-source, standards compatible software, we hope to accelerate it's adoption. In tandem with actively recommeding the software to the organizations we at NET already cooperate with, this will no doubt create a userbase capable of forming an ENACT system.

The progress of the ENACT support software, namely the Energy Input Labeling framework, can be followed in real-time here. The software is fully compatible with the XMLoverHTTP technology.Link