More meetings are scheduled to occur on Friday (3. 7. 2009 in Izola; meeting with Raffael of NET), during the weekend (4. or 5. 7. 2009 in Maribor; ZM meeting) and Tuesday (7. 7. 2009 in Ljubljana; meeting with Gorazd of BrainBox Community). I am not sure if I will manage to take part in the weekend one, but everything has been arranged for the other two.

At the same time, I am continuing development (learning along the way) required to complete the XMLoverHTTP project. I have spent time programming a batch of hobbyist applications, which purposefully included an asynchronous pipe mechanism, which I intend to use in XMLoverHTTP, to overcome the problem of pushing commands from a web-based interface (PHP; with very limited permissions) to a hardware control program (Assembly; running with root permissions for hardware I/O).

I am noticing a difference in pace between the social and technical aspects of the progress we need to do and I fear that they may represent a problem on the long run. In simpler terms, we have been having a lot of meetings with people, a lot of discussion taking place, a lot of knowledge being exchanged in a short amount of time; on the other hand the software development, hardware repairs and construction projects have been naturally progressing at a substantially slower pace, and they cannot go any faster due to purely practical reasons. I fear that in expecting results from the practical projects, we will soon have nothing more to talk about and interest in the movements will fall. These differences in pace may even lead people to believe that we are "all talk and no work".

Regardless I hope for the best and intend to keep bussy.

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