Recently I and Igor had had a number of meetings with Zeitgeist Movement Slovenia and a meeting with a Slovenian group of local exchange users, and I have continued my work on the XMLoverHTTP coding project.

The meetings with the ZM Slovenia group tell us that ZM Slovenia is growing and that we may have a number of motivated people setting up organizations working there. They are also quite open to cooperation, while of course they are not ready for many of the complex solutions we, NET, have already developed. They prefer doing things at their own pace, as they grow. This information is useful to us as it tells us that any solutions we want to offer to other organizations have to be made appropriately simple to use.

On the meeting of the Slovenian local exchange users, me and Igor had the chance to present the concept of Energy Accounting, together with the solutions we have developed. At the meeting everybody had a chance to present their ideas and everybody listened to our presentation with much interest. Igor and I agreed afterwards that the presentation did in fact go very well. One of the attendees saw the possibility of using Energy Credits as the currency in a LETS system, in order to help keep pricing fair. Another one saw putting value into energy input instead of arbitrary determination of current currencies possibly more fair when considering work contributions. All in all the meeting was very interesting and productive. Although one of them refered to the Energy Accounting system as a "technotopia", I believe it would be possible to convince them that this system is in fact very possible and very real, by the next meeting, by providing some prototype of the accounting software to be used to manage an Energy Accounting system, which makes the task trivial. Of course more work is required on the Energy Input Labeling front, as this is also key to making this seem credible and making it work.

I have also been working on the XMLoverHTTP proof of concept coding project. I am currently implementing multichannel input support (both at the data gathering layer and at the user interface layer). My current goal is to speed up development to get to the point of implementation of the XML POST system, to allow XMLoverHTTP feedback / push data upload, as it is a requirement for the accounting software subproject mentioned above.