The prototechnate

During the AGM and after it, I and Igor of NET have been working on a promising model to use to integrate a system of Energy Accounting with the current monetary system, in effect laying the formal foundation for an organization-based prototechnate.

The idea can be summarized as an attempt to create an umbrella organization, in which different non-profit organizations take membership. In exchange for paying an universal membership fee, they receive Energy Credits, using which they can get services from the other organizations within the prototechnate. The membership fee is defined by, and is used entirely to cover the financial expenses encountered by the other organizations within the prototechnate in order to provide the aforementioned services. As in any Energy Accounting scheme, the total amount of Energy Credits available depends on the production capacity of the organizations providing services within the prototechnate.

While the system appears functional in a small group of organization, further computer simulation will be required to design more complex systems and see how they behave. There was some discussion of connecting the simulation to XMLoverHTTP data to utilize real life data and also interfacing the simulation with a MMORPG in order to better simulate the human factor, but all this is still in the distant future. For now, proper documentation of the idea is key, this is currently a work in progress.

As a side note, the content I have prepared for the AGM and have not yet published here yet is available here. It is a graph of CPU temperatures accumulated and presented using the XMLoverHTTP technology. As the data pool increases you may note the steady temperature increase due to the onset of summer.


Preparations for AGM

In the last few days I have been preparing material for my contribution to this year's Network of European Technocrats AGM in UmeƄ, Sweden. Since I am counting on appropriate timing of showing the various content elements, I will refrain from including any links to what I have prepared right now. Sufficive to say, the presentation is about my XML over HTTP project.

Since Zeitgeist Movement Slovenia is preparing an interesting meeting of their own on the 21st, which is close on the calendar to NET's AGM, everything seems to have picked up the pace recently, suddenly there are many meetings, idea exchanges, etc. Hopefully everything will work out as planned.Link