Social progress protests in Ljubljana

I have joined in the protests organized by various local organizations interested in social progress. This follows my interest in the Slovenian Zeitgeist Movement as well as my wider philosophical views.

I have been informed of the gathering via the Slovenian Zeitgeist Movement's mailing list. After glancing at the organizers' website and post I quickly assumed that there will be 5 people at the gathering, but at the same time knew that they were promoting something me and my friend have been working on for a long time and hence is worth supporting.

I was however positively surprised: The protest ended up quite massive with over 900 people participating, international groups participating from countries from Germany to Serbia as well as many Slovenian groups, primarily anarcho-communist groups, as well as WW2 veterans, left political party activist branches and various cultural and interest groups.

The background here is that in Slovenia the movement for social change has begun during WW2, when the self-organized resistance movement, also known as the partisans, emerged. From the very beginning this social change was designed to reach beyond simply defeating the axis forces, but ensure a fair social system. A system that capitalism is not, even by the criteria defined back then. Movements for social progress thus extrapolate upon work already done in this area historically. This is obviously a good thing as history happens to be a science.

The media coverage was poor and while I am not one for conspiracy theories, after comparing actual events and footage made, with the resulting news coverage of over 7 different media houses, I must admit the censorship was very harsh and interestingly unified. The tendencies amongst the Slovenian media today seems to be a bit of westernized revisionist history, where you try to make everything into a compromise, even if it is to suit the interests of a group of people who's intention it is to destroy everything they cannot own and control.

At the end of the day the protest was a great success... And beyond simply showing support for an idea, it was also very useful in helping the various organizations working in these areas to network. I expect interesting aftermath, when we manage to get in touch with everybody and start cooperating.

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