Embeded system

Browsing trough a price list for a different purpose I managed to find a real life example of just the kind of embedded XML-over-HTTP provider I wrote of in my article. The Conrad Linux Control II Application Kit.

It's the kind of Linux component you would typically find under the hood of your average working network router, next to the modem chip. 16 MB of flash memory, 8 MB of RAM, and most importantly a serial, USB and network connection. The software, being Linux, offers a fully functional web server, amongst other things. Being 5V devices and draining just 300 mA of current, they use about 1,5 W, making it possible to fuel them with something as costless as solar cells. They come in circuit board form as well as in nifty packages such as seen on the picture. This is indeed just over 8 by 5 by 2 cm in size, which IMHO is tiny!

This device is more than enough to interface a data source of choice (may require USB, Serial connection or Ethernet based A/D converter) with XML-over-HTTP and connect it to the Internet to be available anywhere, or secured with the usual cheap network equipment we are all familiar with (a router, a VPN, a dailup, anything). Offers all the advantages mentioned in the article.

The bugger costs just over 230 € and while this makes it about as expensive as any low cost desktop missing a few components and thus sort of unsuitable for home use, I immagine in industrial use where other concerns are more relevant (vibration resistance, durability, size, power supply) they are quite a good deal.

I'd love to program a real life application using XML-over-HTTP with these.

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