Writing article

I am currently working on an article regarding my XML over HTTP project mentioned here. It is taking shape on the NET article writing wiki here. I have named it "Technocratic information exchange".

I think I have managed to describe the concept much better in the article and I have also managed to include comprehensive diagrams and references that I have not had an equal chance of including during my blogging and forum posting on the issue.

The article is not yet finished... Part 5, describing how my software development fits into all of this, is not yet written and I usually write the introduction and conclusion last... as well as of course the abstract. But those do not take much effort it is the creative stuff that is hardest to write.

I intend to have a presentation of the content offered in the article during this year's NET AGM (Annual General Meeting), on May 15-17th in Umea, Sweeden, where I will of course also include all the progress that I have made on the project in the time being. Get in touch with NET if you also wish to attend!

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