Web 2.0

Me and a bunch of other people from the Zeitgeist Movement IRC server, have been thinking of compiling a set of Web 2.0 type programs to allow the distributed community across the many different websites to work together as one, without necessarily having people wander across different websites reading everything and sharing links where the topics matched.

We have been trying to learn about the existing technologies available in the field already to attain maximum compatibility, and just prepare some kind of guide that would make it trivial for people to link up into our network. Naturally thus we are looking at XML, RDF and XSLT (google them if unfamiliar).

Mainfram, a person I know from the Zeitgeist Movement is currently working on a way to interface together different forums. I have suggested doing this in a way that works with SIOC, in order to take advantage of the existing work put into it by other people as well as maintain compatibility in the future. It's all looking very interesting thus far.

This idea has vague connections to my idea to link industrial hardware into the Internet. XML over HTTP being the data format of choice, the output is compatible with the other XML-based applications including the ones mentioned above. Using XSLT engines it becomes possible to combine and convert the data and by combining this with the existing dynamic web page generation software, such as PHP, there are no more limits on what can be done this way and how user-friendly it can become.

I am currently thinking of making a CMS for generating XSLT-based data converters for XML in PHP. This could be big, like Facebook big.

Given all these possibilities, I am eager to continue my work, however I will have to balance my wish to prove this technology in the many areas of possibility, with the need to finish the basics first. As in order to do this, I have to both explore my options in order to know how I am going to implement existing functionality already present in other industrial software, AND have to deal with the low level details of implementation, I would really appreciate having anyone else on my team!

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