This year is the 30th anniversary of Edvard Kardelj's death, which gives me a unique opportunity to study the history of my country and learn about this man, who was apparently just as important as Tito, that I have almost never heard of before.

Political issues aside, his work extends into the more philosophical area of ensuring actual freedom for everybody (taking it further from the abstract concept of our current "democracy by proxy" approach), as a progressive upgrade to democracy, summing it up to a philosophy called "samouprava" which was translated into "worker's self-management", which shares many common points with the theory we are working on at the Network of European Technocrats and the Zeitgeist Movement today.

I find it very interesting that someone from my nation's not-so-distant past was already working on a philosophy similar to the one we are working on now, and has worked on implementing it his entire life. Albeit it could be said that he did not succeed, I think that is a matter of perspective as to me, working towards a goal, is sometimes as good as achieving it, so long as there is someone to pick up where you left off after you are no longer able to continue.

Unfortunately for this man, nobody did pick up where he left off... there are a few statues of him around town, but I haven't learned anything about him at school for one, nor has anyone else I know. Luckily, his work survives in the form of speeches and books, and I may be able to find some of those in the local libraries. Hopefully we will be able to derive some usable information from them, something we can use to continue his work today.

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