One of the ideas I was pursuing recently was the idea of setting up a number of blogs, for the currently active Network of European Technocrats (NET) members, in which we would describe what we are doing. This is the concept behind this blog as well.

The idea is to show other NET members and our visitors the point that we are in fact, working on things, even when we are not discussing anything together. The idea was that the blogs RSS feeds would be combined to produce a single RSS news feed that could easily be read or displayed on a website.

A few days ago, I set up a test feed aggregator and fellow NET member Igor, set up a sample component in the NET website which parses it's output into a set of links, in style with the other components. We are currently discussing how to proceed.

I had hoped that I would be properly prepared with examples, to show the potentials of this technology, but as could be expected, I did not prepare enough. A NET website themed full blog content output is something I would need. Preparing this as an example to show functionality is a little impractical for me as I do not have access to the tools that would make this job trivial. I'm also still a little uncomfortable with Joomla's interface.

If I get a little time for these things I will instead try to create an XSLT+PHP based feed aggregator and do my best to produce standards compatible output, since the popular blogging sites do not and I have to fix this somehow.

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