RSS - continued

I have gotten some time and wrote the XSLT-based RSS feed aggregator. The software offers a lot more standards compatible output, which however ironically not even the official validators comply with, due to those silly Atom wars.

If you ask me, Atom is unsuitable and RSS 2.0 is completely acceptable. This statement is based on RSS's compatibility with RDF extensions, which are a key feature for full XSLT compatibility. If you ask others Atom is the future and RSS 2.0 is awkward. What really suprizes me is that the W3C would side with the Atom proponents, considering the point that RSS 2.0 is more compatible with their remaining standards that they still support.

I will release the XSLT source code under GPL for the aggregator shortly, it just needs some basic documentation and some PHP code to go with that can be used to reconfigure the feed aggregator dynamically. As it is right now, the software allows you to write an XML file with the desired links and other information and the software will automatically fetch the data and produce the combined feed. It should be trivial to produce PHP code that can generate XML output to be used with the software, especially considering the point that I already have code that does exactly this. I consider this PHP code part of the package and will finnish it tommorow and include it.

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