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Hello readers,

Although I do keep a number of other blogs around different services, as appropriate for each area (art, kernel programming, Slovenian tech support), I found I still needed to cover a specific area of my life.

Specifically this would be the philosophical direction of where my life is going right now, my leftist roots and my subsequent work in the non-profit organization called Network of European Technocrats. The network of integrated programming / hacking solutions that have been inspired by it and so forth.

Being the design perfectionist that I am, everything I have made is somehow related to the ideas previously explored and works with them. My creative spirit guides me trough new technologies with my either simplistic or typically over-elaborate solutions. It is my intention to keep this blog up to date with my programming / learning progress, so that others may share in the benefits... as a form of progress documentation, a helpful reference for those seeking to understand the software I make and/or theory I write.

To help put things into perspective, here is some background information:

A long time ago I realized that many of the decisions in life are ambiguous and any choice is valid. Instead of making the decisions myself, I have decided to leave them to another person and thus combine my philosophical neutrality with my desire to express loyalty. This person, who shall be known as Ice, is a revolutionary socialist. Remember this perspective in life is not wrong by itself, it is ambiguous, taking another principle for your guide in life would change nothing, as in the end it is your ability to believe in something that makes you a better person or worse in the eyes of the community you chose to identify with. I was quickly able to search trough my past and find my leftist roots that were there all along. Ice is a hard working, good person, with wishes and goals like any other person. While trying to reach the goals he spoke of I have never lost my ability to view a situation objectively and find the best possible solution. This may sometimes have not been in accordance with his short-term desires, yet I have been successfully pursuing all the long-term goals he had in mind, and I have been doing that ever since.

Currently, I am involved with the Network of European Technocrats, as I believe working with the other skilled experts there greatly increases the probability of being able to change something for the better for every person in the world in the future. I currently hold a Director position with the organization, though I made it clear on multiple occasions that all I really wish to do for them is productively contribute in a way that they deem useful. The advantages of working with them are showing already, as they have covered many areas that need to be taken care of, which in effect means that I can focus on the more technical of solutions required in the world today, which is an area I am very skilled at.

Recently I had focused on the quite specific areas of XML over HTTP as a communication facility and Assembly for efficient hardware control. I have also been working on various other areas, such as providing an IRC server for the Zeitgeist Movement. Then there is also the point that I work as a programmer (amongst other things) in a company that deals with biotechnology, and have quite some experience writing control software. It is highly typical of me to be working on several very different areas at the same time.

While at one point talking on the aforementioned IRC server, I had realized that by bridging the gap between Industrial hardware control and XML over HTTP, may help significantly improve overal industrial efficiency on the long run. The idea is to provide an automatic interface between infrastructure machinery data sources (powerplants, etc) and the Internet. Typically information is transfered manually between the two areas, e.g.: 1. Researcher makes a survey of the state of machinery, 2. Researcher writes a report and publishes it, 3. People on the Internet gather the information and transform it into feedback. This is slow and leads to a situation in which the people capable of providing usable feedback do not have direct access to the data they require in order to provide it. My solution aims to overcome this bottleneck, by providing people with a single simple step to them publishing the data directly on the internet and thus greatly reducing the effect of their lack of time to do some charity of this sort.

The solution seems trivial to implement. Of course I do not dream that my 1 program will change the world, it may however work as a working example I can show. If the effect of the synergy between low level and Internet technologies prooves attractive to commerce, the idea will likely quickly spread and thus will change the world.

I will keep you up to date with my progress.

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